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Help with 2x2x1 Inverted Corners?

I'm trying to make a mod that adds these to the game, as I wanted to be able to have them as physical things and not just by using mimics. I plan to make all the variations if I can get it to work, 3x2x1, 3x3x1, 4x2x1, etc, and their associated triangle corners. I've made the meshes (very easy to do in blender - literally scaling the 1m inverted corner), and the textures work, the whole block looks just like it needs to. Issue is when I'm placing it in-game it's negatively offset on the vertical axis by about half a block. Is there any options inside the game's modding window or anything I can do behind it code-wise that fixes this? The 2x2x1 is a 2x2 block, and I know somehow you can get them to work because the Large Missile Launcher is a 2x2. Any help would be appreciated, as I've wanted these blocks in the game for a long time but understand the devs have better things to do.

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Help with 2x2x1 Inverted Corners? - by Robi-Rig Kenobi - 2020-01-18, 07:52 PM

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