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Looking for volunteer translators

What is up Depthians,
We are looking for volunteers to assist us in translating the game in JP, FR, DE, ES, RUS, POR other languages will be unofficial and would be downloadable in the form of a mod. 
We already have a handful of people already helping out but the more the merrier. 
It would be good if people who are interested to have a good grasp of the English language, due to the lore sections that need translating. You would also need to download discord as we have a channel specifically setup for our volunteer translators which you will be invited to.
We also have inhouse tools to assist our translators, making life easier rather than us throwing a .xml at you Smile
If you are interested in joining, you can find our official Discord channel here and feel free to DM Sean(Beastman)#6993 

Thanks for your support Smile
Check out my Lets play of From The depths >here<
As well as other games Big Grin

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