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Protoss Probe

Hey guys just coming back to FTD after a long long break
I wanted to start a fun little project of making the Protoss, or atleast my version of them for a neter campaign in the near future. 
My first design has a few issues but it is almost there

Protoss Probe - Small hovercraft designed as resource transport (and maybe construction if I can fit it)
Current issues with the probe are - wobbles - Inefficient engine - low damage laser (don't expect much out of it its a probe after all) - can't construct yet - needs shields (even if minimal)

also my photography skills are meh so a nice picture would be also appriciated

Right so, this thing is derpy and fun to shoot at. It is farther from a finished product than I imagined and I'll be taking another swing at it in the near future.

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Protoss Probe - by SuperObeseNinja - 2020-01-11, 09:04 PM

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