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AI issues.

Basically what it says on the tin. I have two major issues getting AI to work as intended

I've set up PIDs controlling yaw and acceleration, but the craft only seems to accelerate to top speed and turn in circles whenever the AI is on, no matter how I tune the PID's. The propellers are set to control acceleration, and the rudders are set to control yaw.

As a secondary issue, I attempted to make a simple 2-axis gimball for a Multiple Rocker Launcher system (Katyusha style) but I can't seem to get the local weapon controller to handle both the one-axis turrets and the rockets. It will aim at a target, but I can't get it to fire. Sitting near a fire-control console it works fine. 

Anything I can do about this? I could maybe get a breadboard or LUA box working to fix the turret, but I have no idea what the fire control solution would look like, or how to integrate it with detection data.

The thing I'm trying to do is This: a russian armored river boat, upscaled slightly.

I managed to fix the issues. The first issue had to do with the default turning circle setup and the other was a problem with how I placed and prioritized the weapon controllers. I've managed to fix both so far. For anyone who finds this and has the same problem: The turn issue was caused by pathfinding needing a known turning circle for the AI to use. If it is too small the AI will attempt to pathfind the first waypoint, immediately overshoot and try to turn back for another pass, which it overshoots, and the whole thing falls into a loop.

The two-axis gimbal issue comes from the two controllers fighting for control, and how they detect weapons. by placing one controller directly beneath the first turret ring, and another directly next to the second, and setting the first turret controller to a lower priority.

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