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Battleship Steam Boiler Help

On the battleship I'm working on I have a pretty standard boiler system set up to drive the two large propellers. I need some help making it a lot more effective since I don't really understand a ton about steam boilers.

Picture of the ship (I will eventually make a post about it once it's more complete):

Here's the boiler set up (the space there is the space I have to work with)

And here are the propellers it powers: 

One issue that I'm running into is that the boiler can get the power up very high, but it has to go well past the 100k limit on auto regulation, meaning that although it can go well above that pressure safely I can't have any kind of regulation keeping it from going higher and higher. I need higher power in order to get the propellers up to max speed, so I'm not quite sure how to solve this.

Any suggestions as to how I can improve this setup or general advice on how to set up a good boiler / boiler propulsion system would be appreciated!

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