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[Refit] Vanaheim-class ballistic missile submarine

--- Vanaheim-class ballistic missile submarine ---

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: 04.jpg]
[Image: 05.jpg]


300541 materials


T/G - Drive (T+G to stop)
H/K - Steering
U/J - Hydroplanes
Up/Down Arrow Keys - Periscope Up/Down (Up+Down arrow keys to retract)
Left/Right Arrow Keys - Periscope Left/Right (Left+Right arrow keys to centre)


6x Large missiles
2x Large torpedoes
4x Medium torpedoes
16x Small AA missiles
4x Nuclear ICBM


5x Decoy torpedoes


A rework of the previous Vanaheim-class submarine. Although the hull remains largely the same, she's quite a different craft underneath. The older Loki ICBMs have been replaced with new, more compact Anubis ICBMs, allowing the submarine to carry an additional ICBM (up to four) whilst still clearing up a third of the space previously used for ICBM storage. VLS cells for large missiles have been moved forward, missile length increased and two additional missiles added, bringing the total up to six. Ammo storage have also been increased. Whilst quite effective against large surface targets like battleships (especially when attacking from a deep depth), she can be vulnerable against dedicated ASW craft and other attack submarines.

The submarine was designed with hands-on play in mind. Whilst still capable of automated AI control and combat, depth setting and ICBM launch is in the hands of the player.

The Depth Control Panel

[Image: 20191219171540-1.jpg]

The submarine has three depth settings: Max depth (red), periscope depth (yellow) and surface (green). Depth setting is effective for both manual and AI control. The submarine can attack from any depth.

The Launch Control Panel

[Image: 20191219171608-1.jpg]

The launch control panel is split between two panels, silo control on the left and ICBM launch control on the right. ICBMs can only be launched under certain conditions: The corresponding silo must be open and speed must be less than 5 m/s. Red brackets around the launch buttons will turn green if launch conditions are met. ICBMs will not launch otherwise. ICBMs 1 and 2 is stored in silo 1, ICBMs 3 and 4 is stored in silo 2.

Opening ICBM silos will automatically turn off AI movement to bring the sub to a halt for launch, AI will automatically switch back to combat if both silos are closed.

.blueprint   SSBN-016 Vanaheim.blueprint (Size: 354.83 KB / Downloads: 96)

--- Anubis ICBM ---

[Image: 06.jpg]


4951 materials


A general purpose, all-environment ICBM meant to replace all former Loki ICBM and SLBM models. It is faster, more compact, packed with more nuclear warheads and unlimited in range. The old, bulky (and somewhat cheaty) guidance system has been ditched in favour of a more traditional, three-stage guidance system whilst retaining the hit accuracy of the Loki series.

The ICBM will launch to an altitude of 800m regardless of nearby enemies. Once at altitude, the ICBM will enter cruise stage, levelling out at 1000m altitude and seek targets. When a target is within 1200m, the attack stage will activate and the ICBM will attack the target from a steep high altitude angle. If the target is destroyed whilst on attack, the ICBM will automatically acquire a new target or switch back to the launch stage if no enemy is present. The ICBM also functions underwater and can be configured as a torpedo if need be.

.blueprint   Anubis ICBM.blueprint (Size: 59.38 KB / Downloads: 83)

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