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Fuel, ammo, damage and misc changes

I do not know if this has already been addressed but why can't we have too variants of ammo boxes? Ones with lower capacity and a passive regen and the others with increased capacity and no regen. Thus we are keeping the old strategy of large ammo-regenerators inside a vehicle ( which has its own challenge  in protecting it), while letting small crafts devote less volume for storage.
Regarding the RTGs the energy-per-volume change seems unnecessary (crafts requiring low power levels will not be affected ,while large RTG-powered vehicles that utilize energy weapons will get a hefty debuff, consider that they are already very hard to build and somewhat underpowered)   , and the repair cost is really too much. ( Currently playing AoE campaign and it is very common for a fast frag missile to phase trough armor and kill a bunch of 5k mat RTGs). Coupled with this bug (hope it is fixed as I am not the only one experiencing it) RTGs will render pretty much useless. Even without the bug 100% repair cost is a too expensive in my opinion . (25% could be a good choice).
The last remark is regarding batteries and particularly an electric engine fixed output, that ruins the fun of finding the proportion between electricity production-batteries and tweaking  the engine to produce the exact amount of power desired.

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