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Fuel, ammo, damage and misc changes

this is just for the neter campaign
might want to change the amount of resources gained by infinite resource zones 
overall the buff to non infinite is a good thing so that players only have to worry about them for a short period of time 
in six hours of game time i was able to have about 1.5 million mats half in craft the other half in the bank this is just too much as it makes the DWG no chance of being able to last a significant amount of time 

in the first 2 hours the player gains 280800 mats (before it was 48960 mats) (this is assuming the player doesn't make fuel and ammo or power from steam)
even if the craft costs that amount it wont be hard to supply it as the player can just switch to ammo (and fuel production if needed)
maybe reduce the mats per second down to 25 and add 14 mats per second to the dwg resource zone just so that the player has to earn the 39 mats per second

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