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Fuel, ammo, damage and misc changes

so i did some play testing of the neter campaign with the changes in the devtest
some thought
So with the current devtest version i have a few thoughts
Please not that i only have a 6 hours in the test so this info will only be relevant to the start of the neter campaign

After 6 hours 42 mins
i have only killed the dwg on normal designs with
626953 mats in the bank
520000 ish mats into combat ships
51k in fortresses + the starting fortress
5000 into misc

and this is without the "lost forest" resource zone

i think the limiting the starting infinite resource zone to 24 mats would be a far better way to balance starting constructs as this will make players have smaller craft it isnt that craft under 100k mats are useless it just makes them less relevant as this just encourages larger stuff
every hour of game time the starting resource zone contributes 140400 mats
missile spam gets about 1 mat per ammo spent im sure this value is higher because i managed the spam poorly
crams get 5 mats per ammo

here is the link for the ships just in case if you want more info
let me know if you want the save file as well

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