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Fuel, ammo, damage and misc changes

(2019-12-17, 08:56 AM)Maty83Cz Wrote:
(2019-12-16, 08:56 PM)UnderTrack Wrote: *also, no point in complaining about it not being explicited, it was, you're either too lazy to look for it or ask other peoples or you're blind or you're not even reading*

Thanks for explaining your view. I was asking specifically about the average as armor stacking uses a similar method of counting the final value. That generated a bit of confusion for me. Still, is it just a weighted average, or does it take into account the formula for armour stacking? 

If the way you explained it is correct, then the question is how the game handles slopes for its final AP vounting as that may potentially have wide-reaching effects for certain types of builds

Next time, don't assume incompetence on my part. I may have not asked in the clearest of manners though. So forgive me for that one, please.

I would note that I think more of his comment was directed at the fact that all of the answers to this are clearly laid out in Draba's post... Specifically in the two HESH bullet points.

It's now using a weighted average of the AC with 2 ghost layers of armour that match the innermost layer added to the calculation. This does mean that glass armour layers might be interesting though, as it has even lower AC than wood, and that alloy based composites will be better than metal ones Vs spalling.
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