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Fuel, ammo, damage and misc changes

Hmmm... That set of changes to HESH seem to make it much less binary than it used to be.

The weighted AP calculation means that it isn't hard countered by a wooden spall liner anymore, so it should be a more stable damage output vs well built stuff and less of a shred everything type of shell vs things that lack that defence.

New checkbox: Force desired gauge (default off). When the box is ticked the cannon won't reduce caliber and clear clips on losing gauge increases. It holds fire until enough increases are available

This is beautiful to see! After so long watching your guns lose 1-2 pieces and empty their clips this is greatly appreciated... On the other hand it also means your guns stay Explosive after taking said damage...
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Fuel, ammo, damage and misc changes - by draba - 2019-12-16, 01:07 PM
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