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Simple AI refit demo

An example on how to configure frontal hovercraft simple AI card.

Important changes on the example:
  • Added simple AI card and using the "Hover movement" manoeuvre it provides, instead of 6-axis
  • PID derivatives down, you generally want 0.1-ish on most things. Only go higher on things that change slowly on a given craft(distance/altitude in general, yaw in this specific case)
  • Gains down a bit, you usually want something like 0.01-0.1 for most things. Yaw is 0.3-0.5 here and strafe is weaker to make sure the nose keeps being pointed in the proper direction while strafing
  • Most integrals removed, you generally don't want to use it. It's usually only needed for altitude, maybe pitch on this craft
  • Side rotors converted from hover to hover+roll, back rotor to pitch only, added side jets for strafing and the ones in the front back are strafe+yaw(front isn't needed, just smoother this way)

Looking at the examples I think simple cards could use some QoL changes to get them a bit closer to the lua script in ease of use.
Will see what can be done without breaking other AIs.

[Image: MOjeud8.gifv]

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.blueprint   FalconMk2_HoverDemo.blueprint (Size: 102.35 KB / Downloads: 34)

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