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Heavy Railguns

Here's a build platform with a pair of large railguns, one with a pair of 4x200mm/4x450mm designs and the other hosting a single 1x450mm design. Both can use the same ammo types which are derivatives of the shells I developed for use in my hybrid gun designs, in this case trading the G.Casings for reduced shell length.

These seem to be close to the limit of what is possible for 15x15x9 railguns, and the Hades Railgun is likewise close to the limit for an armoured 15x15x5 design. Nevertheless, if anyone spots inefficiencies in the tetris please let me know!

The Hades Railgun - 1x450mm 60RPM, 22000pow/s ~89000 material
[Image: GsijMyZ.jpg]

The pair of 4 Barrel Railguns - 4x450mm 4x26RpM, 4x10700pow/s (104RpM, 42800pow/s), 4x200mm 4x142RpM, 4x9000pow/s (568RpM, 36000pow/s)  Both ~170000 material
[Image: XYKFc6i.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Hades_Railgun_Build_Platform.blueprint (Size: 181.87 KB / Downloads: 51)
.blueprint   Rofl_Build_Platform.blueprint (Size: 260.41 KB / Downloads: 37)
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