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Making custom player avatar worth the time?

I have been teaching myself 3D modeling and animation in my down time. Currently Im working on a personal game project, creating assets for it. That being said, I have made a very good base mesh and rig for a human male as a starting point for various creations. This means I could fairly easily make a custom player model for this game. As much as I love the floating trashcan........ I think it is about time for the player model to feel a little more, not horrific.

So my question is; Is it even possible to change game assets like that currently, (Player model, animations, weapons to correctly fit model, etc...) Or are the Dev's already working on updating the player models?

Links to the base starting mesh I would use and some various WIP's/Testing.

Base mesh
Testing model for animations
Closer image of testing model
Highly cartoon stylized robot for personal project, incase people want to stick with more robotic theme for player. and

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Making custom player avatar worth the time? - by Horkas - 2019-12-04, 02:40 PM

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