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Hydrolizer Airship

My first delve into airship technology, the Hydrolizer is most likely terribly inefficient and worthless in a campaign. That said it was fun to build, and it works well for being my first airship.


Lore: When it was found that the slow battleships of the Fallen Star Kingdom could not catch up with the faster trade fleets of the enemy factions, it was decided that a new assault vehicle that could catch up with these trade fleets would be made. Shortly after this decision, the Admirals and Engineers alike got to working on a vessel capable of these requirements. The engineers of the Fallen Star Kingdom found it hard to make high speed water vessels, so they turned to making an airship, which proved much easier to get up to speed. The expensive cost of the vessel means that only a few are patrolling the waters of Neter, but most any captain will say that the Hydrolyzer is one of the scariest sights to see coming over the horizon.

Armor: No specific details will be given for sake of my sanity, but the armor of the airship is around 4 layers of metal and one layer of heavy armor around the forward gun, and 3 layers of metal around all the rest of the front.

Armament: 3 2000mm APHE CRAM cannons in 1 triple turret, ~16.5 second reload time.
1 fixed mount HESH advanced cannon, firing 6 meter long shells at 7.9 rounds per minute.
1 AA turret, with 4 30mm minigun simple weapons mounted on it.

Blueprint download: (What would you even use it for though?)

.blueprint   Hydrolizer Airship.blueprint (Size: 188.58 KB / Downloads: 30)
I am the prime person to call for nothing, unless you want me to make you a boat, or need some basic tip on something.

I am also a unproffesional builder of cruisers, and I rarely do battleship stuff.


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