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Proposed overhaul of projector shield system

I know, this go into the request tracker. but I don't think I could give a conclusive summary of my ideas there because the options are way more limited than here on the forum.

So, I've done some thinking. About the projector shields, and how obsolescent they are. They offer not much of interest in the scale of from the depths, in that you just plonk down a block and set it up, no further effort required.

They are very much a legacy system, and ever since the new ring shields are out now, I think they could do with their own thing. So here is a proposal for the overhaul of projector shields into their own multiblock system.

The system has a few majour parts:
Projector Shield generator (blue in the screenshot): This can be one of three types: Disruptor shield/ Energy absorbance shield/Reflector shield generator. We will get into these types later. The idea is that by seperating the three as types, you need multiple setups for all round defense. Max engine power drain can also be set in this block

Shield energy storage/Induction (red in the screenshot): These store and feed shield energy, much like heartstone components. shield energy is drained as a function of dissapating attacks.
A shield generator can be configured to have high storage and low feed rate, or high feed rate and low storage for peak performance: the shield burns out when the energy is fully drained, and only fires up again after inactivity, once the storage is refilled. While it is active energy can still be refilled.
this means that high storage systems can take a while to take down, and also a while to come back on. but should be good for larger setups. High feed shields can eat consecutive alpha strikes, but with constant intermittant sputtering.

Shield inductor Couplings: Shield inductor spooling is attached to these. Each can only offer two dimensions at a time.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=53421]


Shield inductor spooling (white, grey, yellow): These affect the efficiency of your projector shields (a weighing in the Rng of a shell penning the shield) depending of how much of the width, height and lenght of your vessel is spoolled, like is the case with warp rods. Not having full coverage should not be disastrous, but it helps to have good coverage. As per mentioned warp drives. this is an element which can easily be shaved off, but it could offer another design dimension. The overall efficiency modifier is a weighing of how long each dimension is, versus how much of it is spooled.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=53422]
In the last screenshot, the pink parts are transcievers (like with lasers) that feed into shield projectors.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=53423]
The strength of the projector system is then spread over the covered area. The choice is then to protect only vital sections, or clad the whole of the vessel with somewhat less powerful defense.

Now, the three options are mentioned are disruptor, reflector and absorbance. note that projectiles that pass through a shield, and which are deflected, both cost energy

Disruptor shields deal health damage to projectiles passing through then, and an equal or functional amount of stored shield energy is then detracted from their storage. projectiles can breach the shield depending on their AP (hardness), health, speed and RNG

Reflector shields: these weigh their power and efficiency over area covered vs Rng, impact (function of projectile health/mass and speed) and AP of incoming projectiles. Projectiles that cannot defeat the shield take some energy and get reflected.

Absorbance shields: storage drained is a function of damage prevented or leeched from incoming rays, which is itself a function of the shield strenght.

I need to crunch numbers, but this is the overall idea I'm looking for feedback on. I don't have the skill to implement this myself unfortunately, but I do hope the devs will look at this. If not someone who has a hand in modding.
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