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Simple AI, sensor scramblers, missile agility

Some fixes and addition, not final/guaranted and most changes not out on devtest.

Simple AI
  • Airplane maneouvre got an option to pitch towards the waypoint, instead of pitching to reach target altitude ASAP. Smoother and easier to use, this is the default
  • Bombing run behavior got an abort distance and abort timer. It'll cancel the run that time after touching the abort distance. This helps to avoid getting stuck with short range weapons
  • [BUGS-1594]Point at and circling AIs now properly pitch/roll to match the target if it's above the craft

Sensor scrambler ECM
  • Signal jammer replaced with Sensor scrambler ECM
  • Sensor scrambler uses power and reduces bearing/range accuracy of enemy sensors
  • Sensor scrambler strength falls off with distance: 80/67/50/29% at 500/1000/2000/5000m
  • Sensor scramblers stack, their effective strength is summed to determine the accuracy reduction
  • Sensor accuracy multiplied by: 10 + (MIN(SCRAMBLERS_POWER_SUM, 20000) / 20000) ^ 0.25. 76% for 100 power, 57% for 1000, 24% for 10000
  • Remote guidance missile direct accuracy reduction from jammers removed(they are affected by worse detection)
  • Laser designator receiver inaccuracy from smoke halved, max 3.5m for 1000 strength smoke and 7m for 5000

  • Being close to the ground or sea surface decreases radar detection range. Radar signature increases from 75% at 0m to 100% at 50m
  • Being high above the ground increases radar detection range. Radar signature increases from 100% at 50m to 135% at 400m
  • Chaff emitters can't reduced radar detection range below 50% of the original. Later on this effect will be replaced with detection inaccuracy

  • Remote missiles now properly use general purpose processing power again
  • Remote guidance got an option, oldest one self-destructs when its launchpad fired a 2nd one(5th for quads). Default is off"
  • At high speeds IR seekers aim 1-3m ahead of the target block. Missiles usually whiff behind, this is a huge hit rate increase against some jets
  • Speed bonus at high altitudes reduced, speeds increased across the board
  • Missiles with fins can got a small lateral movement to increase hit rates
  • M interceptor base damage from 10000 to 12000

Simple weapons
  • 60mm grenade launcher accuracy penalty reduced to 30% the previous value
  • 32 pdr cannon inaccuracy from 2° to 1°
  • 64 pdr cannon maximum elevation from 15 to 20°
  • 64 pdr cannon azimuth range from 11 to 15°
  • 64 pdr cannon minimum elevation from 0 to -10°

APS kinetic
  • Low cal bonus damage caps at 41% (125mm)
  • Hollow point doesn't get the low can bonus

  • Armor for all turret and spinner blockc increased from 15 to 25

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