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Multiplayer Faction Gamemode

(2019-11-14, 08:36 AM)Normal69 Wrote: SupCom1 was my favourite strategy before this.:3
Thanks for the CC idea.
The thing I miss from the Neter map are real chokepoints.

Maybe something for the campaign update? I mean there are at least a few of them in and around the DWG, OW and LH territories, though those are kinda less important once you reach the endgame factions since everything in the GT and SD fly to at least some degree, and the SS really needs the open water to make the most of their heavier vessels.

There's also the fact that fixed defences tend to have issues in dealing with CRAMs unless backed by a ridiculous LAMS, and the new APS allows for some fairly ridiculous sniping setups to be employed against things that don't move quickly. It's not like in SupCom or games like that where fixed defences are stronger than units of the same tier to make up for their lowered mobility (I wonder if we could get an accuracy buff for weapons or detection based on movement speed? Stationary gains a little bit of additional accuracy, with this buff dropping off as speed increases?), So mobility is always going to be a huge factor in defense on Neter and only becoming more important as logistics becomes a necessity.

Honestly, there's a reason I generally don't build anything other than submarines that travels slower than 25m/s.
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