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[Help Wanted] Guns does not fire

Hello, its been a while. Lot has changed on the forum i see.

Ive been away from the game and recently came back, but i use an older FtD (v2.16) and neglect updates because of cumulative game complexity and enemies getting waaaay too advanced and tough. lol

Btw, i made a ship, but for some reason, only the 2 rear turrets are firing. 2 turrets in front fires sometimes, but rarely. And the middle turret doesnt fire at all. 
It says it was because of failsafe, but the 2 rear turrets are just fine. Theyre also fine if i fire manually, but i cant always rely on piloting my ship

Heres a pic (inserted below)

Id love to share my bp, but its incomplete, and requires 2 "special" mod made by someone in the past. I forgot his name, and i believe theyre no longer active. Its mostly about the structural blocks, really. So you cant spawn it if you dont have the mod (missing blocks). And i have no idea how to share the "mod" file lol

Pls help. Its taken me quite the effort to make the ship, judge by my skills

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"Trying not to be an #ss, whilst still being an #ss, whilst acting like we aint an #ss since who-the-hell-knows-how-long. Lol."

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