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Industrial-themed warehouse/base + Kerbal Command

Recently I've decided to build a new home base for use in campaign, using Applique panels due to their unique visual style and dimensions, allowing me to create a building that actually looks somewhat realistic when compared to the Avatar size: A warehouse/factory (in preparation for the non-regenerating ammo change). 

Feel free to re-use it however you like.

[Image: 2usUhOm.jpg]

A quick highlight on Foreman Johnson, who supervises the ammo department with a laid-back attitude (I didn't get around to posing the other crew):

[Image: 6KK3Hxn.jpg]

Note that the overall BP is heavily unfinished (the original plan was to build a full dockyard, complete with rotating cranes and several warehouses with functional rusty doors). I've decided to quit playing the game as a result of my lengthy suggestion/request being ignored and bumped to the oblivionth page on the tracker, which bummed the spaghetti out of me. Regardless, maybe someone will find use for my latest design (most others are functionally useless due to updates).

Lastly and entirely unrelated, a bit of inspiration. Here's my "Kerbal Space Station" command post. Blueprint attached in case anyone's interested in my Kerbal Crosshair Tech; sadly there are no Kerbals on board (though it does gleefully nuke any vessel(s) without lasers):

[Image: 0u78wab.jpg]

And that was that. Later all, it's been fun lurkin'.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Campaign Industrial Base.blueprint (Size: 97.04 KB / Downloads: 14)
.blueprint   Kerbal Space Station.blueprint (Size: 357.62 KB / Downloads: 20)

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