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Armor Balance Suggestion (Framework for later post)

Armor Balance: What, why, how? (With numbers!)


An armor overall that will change buoyance, AC, cost and health of blocks


-Fix Stone Meta and add proper usefulness for blocks, making them more predictable to balance


First, let's break down between block classes:

Health Blocks: Wood, R. Wood, Stone
Armor Blocks: Alloy, Metal, Heavy Armor
Decoration Blocks: Glass, Light Block
Special Purpose Blocks: Rubber, Era, Surge Prot., Aplique

Then, let's setup a base value for AC and health for a 1m² block: (see table)

[Image: Armor_blocks.png]

Note: buouyance NEEDS test to analise the effects of it

As you might noticed, beam bônus was removed, since beam gives enough benefits as it is if placed well, while 1m blocks wouldn't benefit as much when stacked

Each Health Blocks after wood, gets the armor of one tier below block, so they will be more useful than just health sponges. They are direct upgrades from the tier below but weaker in every single aspect than the next armor block tier.

Lead should not be armor, the idea is to be an utility block. Its job was replaced by Stone, and Stone job was replaced by R. Wood.

Applique and Era are too special, they don't really care about armor or health, it's about utility agaisnt HEAT. Same goes for applique. 

Now, leave the question: how can that help FTD:

Since "Stone meta" is all about don't use H. Armor because of weight and health, now it's a question of "Cost vs Armor". If you don't need armor at all, stone is the way to go, while H. Armor provide more Armor (duh). Metal will be better than R. Wood, but weaker and cheaper than Stone. Each block will have their place in this 1-2-4 configuration

Numbers will be more predictable: Less "rounded" values and it's easier to predict what kind of armor people will use, making it easier to calculate for balancing other stuff like damage and AP (that's on the oven for next week maybe).

Since most CAMPAING (I know, people that plays in tournaments are quite... vocal about balancing, but we NEED to focus on something, and campaign is a part of the game, tournaments are not) crafts have 1 to 4 blocks of armor, it will be easier to plan around those values. 4x 4m heavy metal beam needs 12800 damage with 80 ish AP to be dealt with (without counting stacked armor), so we could count that the highest damage of an acceptable weapon would be around that value, with smaller caliber/weapons being able to defeat what's in between. Again, for the next week after feedback.

I would like your thoughts about this, what would you change and what  questions do you have, so we can improve it togheter and helps with the balance of the game.

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