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[Star Wars Release] KDY Venator Class Star Destroyer "Repulse"

This awesome vehicle is modeled after the Venator Class Star Destroyer as seen in Star Wars. 1000m long. 185000+ blocks. 307 rooms. 29 decks. Room for at least hundreds of individuals.

Play this theme when you jump out of hyperspace.

"Lightning Crashes"

"Block E" sits in the water after chasing another spaceship away.

Looking down about 25 decks all the way to the hangar deck.

Forum Exclusive:
Repulse and Tiger's Claw steam together high above Neter

Forum Exclusive:
Construction underway at Kuat with twin suns lighting the work area

Forum Exclusive:
Construction complete as a Death Star prototype looms in the background

Forum Exclusive:
High exposure shot for detail and compared to quarter

Please see the exterior back "spine" of the ship for basic controls and explanation.
Also there are a very large amount of information boxes within the ship labeling and explaining every system. 
Finally there is a lot of extra information on the wiki page for the ship.

Easter Egg Hunt
I am a fan of secret passages so I have added a twin set of passages between important areas on the ship. See if you can find them and post a screenshot or
tell us where you found them.  There are plenty of other easter eggs including HAL-8000, The Monolith, Ten Forward, Jeffrie's Tubes, TNG card table and the 
Master Systems Display.  There are at least a few references to Top Gun and Mechwarrior also.
Also see if you can find my office and nearby personal quarters.

"Crystal Palace, Xerex One, Spike Detected, 5000 kilometers"

See you in space one day.

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