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Why do attached images not show up?

Can easily be fixed by hosting your pics elsewhere and use the URL image feature, imgur or even discord would be a good example (steam screenshot URLs also work but with caution to avoid some resizing bs), another option is to use the URL of the attachement itself and not te rest of the attachement feature which was very wanky to begin with.
In anycase it has always been a relevant thing that the URL image feature worked billion times better than the attachement feature for sharing pics (it is also relevant that external URLs work better for all kind of material but I can understand that not everyone has a website or any kind of place to host a file with download links (even tho once again for files as small as those of FtD, a mediafire or even discord can work for that too))
also the "this post was last modified" exists since the creation of the forum and always was that way so instead if you just hate the forum, leave it and, idk, use discord like most people, as you said yourself 'the forum is dead' so why bothering.

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Why do attached images not show up? - by Jason_25 - 2019-11-01, 01:01 AM
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