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Why do attached images not show up?

According to the thread editing feature I have 3.64MB of attachments.

When I choose "view my attachments" I have 671KB of attachments.  All attachments during the 1+ hours I spent composing my posts have disappeared.

It is really no wonder that there are so few ships being posted any more.  It does not seem to be possible.  Too bad.  I tried so unbelievably hard and it just did not work out.

I figured out the bugginess
All uploads must be done tediously and individually.  There is no saving time, no shortcuts, only continuous and absolute work for eternity.
Only people who REALLY REALLY hate themselves would ever put up with that.

Boy the "this post has been edited" feels epecially punitive when the first post you typed up was totally perfect but now you are having to do it again and are now making mistakes  Can we replace this message with "this forum is buggy" instead?

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Why do attached images not show up? - by Jason_25 - 2019-11-01, 01:01 AM

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