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The Plans for 2019 - Imperium

=- pax magnifica, Imperium gloriosum -=

Hello everyone who's still sticking with this project!

A quick update and clarification; I'm currently very busy with my Bachelor research project and affairs in my private life, mostly in regards to the waning wellbeing of my family and household. this, together with the rapid pace of updates and idiom-changes they caused meant that I put this project on a backburner for a while.

This doesn't mean I'm any less enthusiastic to see it through however!

After the full release of the game, and shedule permitting, I hope to bring the vessels and overall framework back up to date. As of now, most designs have been set up for the AI update (unreleased changes) - although I wish to wait out potential updates that might undo further effort I put in. The unit rosters for the current factions are mostly complete, so it's a matter of waiting out game changers and then updating the campaign.

So if update progress has been lacking, don't worry update the project dying. It's been a pet baby of mine for nearly two years now, and I'm not nearly bored with it - far from it. I still want this to be the most integral Age of Sail mod I can bring to the community.
Since progress has slacked a little, I've not really been in touch with the people who've hopped on board since the project's inception. Eishayaa who gave us some sweet Manduelan vessels is working on his own project, and Saltyseamam of Cagafuego fame is devoting time to his young family. I hope to continue this cooperation in the future however, as it's been really cool working with other talented builders from across the community.

I hope you all who read this stay well, and I hope I will see you when the new release is made for my (our) CC!! Cool
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