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2.5 Shell Testing!

Not gonna lie, I'm fairly new to FtD as a whole, so this should be a fairly helpful thread for me. (I'm also new to this forum so yeah)

In general, I've found that an AP shell tends to do better when the layout is Sabot Head, Solid Body, and Sabot Body instead of Sabot Head, Sabot Body, and Solid Body, is there any particular reason for this?

And yeah, I know I'm going on a tangent with this one, but I plan on making at least a few shell designs to post here because why the hell not.

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2.5 Shell Testing! - by Pyrotech51 - 2019-10-11, 12:22 AM
RE: 2.5 Shell Testing! - by alkospike - 2019-10-12, 04:54 PM
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