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Performance issues

Hi, so i've had this game for over a 2 years now i think and it's one of my oldest games i've ever had in my steam library, however, as the game has progressed it's become more and more laggy to the point where back in the day my old crappy setup could run the game fine to where as today my new set up with a 980M Nividia graphics card, 2.6 GZ base clock and 32GB Ram gets a maximum 47 FPS on Neter with a empty world on the Designer. I've tried using the "Boost my performance" option and it's the only reason why i'm not getting 5 FPS, i've also tried dedicating more GPU power to the game but it's made no difference, what the hell do i do to make the game more playable?

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Performance issues - by sovient assassin - 2019-10-10, 10:10 PM
RE: Performance issues - by Skyer - 2019-10-11, 05:37 AM
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