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Naval AI changes - how do they work?

I got back into the game a few days ago and I'm currently in the process of updating or replacing my old fleet for a new campaign, but I can't figure out how the new AI works at all. I basically went in blind to this but I didn't find much in terms of tutorials to make it work. Ships behave wierdly. The PID doesn't work very well, although this is probably because I don't know how it works at all, and the naval craft constantly move randomly even when there's no enemy vessel spawned in, unlike the old AI where they just floated where they were until I summoned in something to fight in the designer. I figured out aeroplane AI pretty quickly, but ships are just confusing for me.
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Naval AI changes - how do they work? - by GiantSnake - 2019-10-10, 12:48 PM

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