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Beautification Through Terrain Scatters

This has always been something I've wanted. Yes, in a naval-based game, there's pretty obviously water everywhere, right? Well, there is still plenty of land to go around too, and an entire campaign on dry land to add to that.

What I request is something that adds terrain scatters. Two good examples would be those found in Space Engineers and Kerbal Space Program. Not too overbearing, intensity can be adjusted, and honestly just makes the games themselves look far more realistic and lifelike.

Scatters could really add to the beauty of FtD. Plus, unlike either SE or KSP, underwater is a major in-depth feature of the game (unlike SE which has no 'real' water, and KSP where underwater really has no purpose), so underwater scatters could really shine here.

I'm mostly still learning programming, and often get lost in codes I overcomplicate, so I don't think I'm up to the task of making this myself. However, if someone out there knows how this could be implemented, I would be most appreciative.

It doesn't have to look gorgeous or ultra-realistic, but something like this would really add Depth to this game!
i know, i made a pun, im sorry

It may be a bit of a longshot, and mostly unnecessary, but this is just my opinion. If anyone out there wants to humor me and take up the challenge of making this a reality, you can bet I'll be giving you serious rep for it.

"Yes, I know I'm slow. I know I can't catch you. I know you will always outrun me. Agility was never my calling, and I'm happy with that.

I'd rather be durable. Heavy. A true immovable object. They say nothing is truly invincible, but excessive armor and self-repair say otherwise.

Go right ahead. Hit me with all you've got. I won't be mad at you for it. After all, who gets mad at a good fireworks display?"

~ C.E.O. Atlas (Oct. 9th, 2019)

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