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Share your most hilarious FtD experiences!

I think for funniest FtD experiences I could reference them to the old age and new age.

Old age: We had a multiplayer session with quite a few veterans and the main star of the show was 7thfleet's "Spiked Ball Thing" which used some insane black magic with old unhinged spinblocks, still have no idea how it works to this day, only that it works no more. We built a cage out of rubber to contain it. You would THINK that would kept phasing through the walls instead. At one point we spawned it inside of a ship and not only did the ship get eradicated in seconds, but the session crashed, game crashed, and I had an 8000 page error log. I still have that log to this day.

New age: Learning how to change the in-game sounds. I'm scared to admit what all I've added and changed but I'm laughing constantly due to it.
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