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Share your most hilarious FtD experiences!

I haven't had many true hilarious moments, but here are a few that may qualify:
- Ages ago, as I was attempting to mod CRAM cannons, I accidentally made it so the gauge was uncapped. Cue 200 meter caliber CRAM cannon which didn't fire because it took unmeasurable amounts of time to reload.
- I had built a little rammer vehicle, and tested it against a marauder. It was jet operated since back then wheels didn't provide power. Lamb thing took the marauder with it and ventured off into space.
- I wondered what would happen if I put a 3x3 heliblade on a KV2 replica (with a longer barrel and whatever because i was bored)
- I was testing a CRAM fortress. Against aircraft, testing it's AA weaponry. Nope, one of the side CRAM cannons decided it had enough and fired it's 150m/s shell at the plane. Direct hit, no more plane.
- More recently now, more of a defeated laugh than anything else, I had built a railgun SPG and decided to test it against my "inpenetrable" tank. Went right thru the 6m of HA armor. Yea, not super impressive, but it was for me at the time.
[Image: 2e148b3926.gif] [Image: wSoy1rk.gif]
This is why you don't make fighter pilots fly bomber aircraft...

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