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Share your most hilarious FtD experiences!

Some parts of FtD just made me crack up and laugh when I witnessed them; not that they're bad, but that they have something hilarious about them, be it something that violates normal physics, doesn't make any sense, or operates in such a way that you question how or why it even operates at all.

Have any of you ever had an experience in FtD that made you stop and crack up laughing at just how silly/odd/broken it was?

If so, do tell! I look forward to hearing your responses.

To get the ball rolling, my most hilarious experience was that after spending several hours building a huge destroyer with a massive railgun on top, the first shot on an enemy hit practically dead-on at over 1500m/s, and just casually bounced off and slowed to about 20m/s, to which I slapped my knee and slumped over wheezing and laughing.

"Yes, I know I'm slow. I know I can't catch you. I know you will always outrun me. Agility was never my calling, and I'm happy with that.

I'd rather be durable. Heavy. A true immovable object. They say nothing is truly invincible, but excessive armor and self-repair say otherwise.

Go right ahead. Hit me with all you've got. I won't be mad at you for it. After all, who gets mad at a good fireworks display?"

~ C.E.O. Atlas (Oct. 9th, 2019)

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Share your most hilarious FtD experiences! - by CEO Atlas - 2019-10-08, 08:57 PM

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