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Release date III: return of the early access

[Image: waEcZDS.png]


We have been going over what we would like to see in-game for release and we have come to the conclusion that with everything we want to add, test, fix, and then test again we will not be releasing the game in November. We tried to pick a release date twice now, however, this time we will put a release date out once the basic foundation of the game is complete.

I have a long list of new features/functions and areas that need ironing out, as well as our sprint lists that I have posted in the past which have also grown. 
To give a small summary of what we want in-game before leaving early access (This is not the whole list as the list is 4 pages long).

We want to ensure that:
  • Undo/redo
  • Multiplayer
  • Story missions
  • Campaign overhaul(which has a list for its self)
  • UI tweaks
  • Steam tweaks
  • Potential perk system
  • New wings
  • Some new ways to utilise our laser systems and crams
  • Design guides for our awesome KOTL team
  • Dediblades tweaks
  • Sails
  • Tutorials
  • Music and SFX. 
All these need to be tested with a whole list of test cases. If any bugs/exploits are found the team needs to fix and have the test cases redone from the beginning which can be a list from 10 to XX tests. We also need to test the campaign overhaul too and that means playing through the whole campaign and probably not once.

Remember all this is just a short summary to give you good people an idea as to why we won't be giving a release date for now.
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