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What we are currently working on No3 September - October

Hey good people of the interwebs Big Grin

It has been a while since I made a news post and let you all in on what is happening in the background, what the team is working on and perhaps some ideas that are talked about (that does not mean they would be implemented).

The issue is, where to start.

Sean, AKA BeastNoobman has been working with media and advertising companies/gaming press as well as advertising on various platforms like Reddit, which has been yielding some good results. We are also going to do some cross-promotion with Airships Conquer the Skies, and Avorion. Sean has been in contact with a number of content creators, so we shall be seeing 40ish YouTubers and Twitchers covering From The Depths in November.

Nick, Mike, Mattia and Sean, will also be participating in the coming EGX.
EGX is one of the UK’s biggest gaming events which will be held in London from the 17th to the 20th of October. Brilliant skies will have a booth set up, so if anyone is in London or is going, please go say hi and upset Sean for me. If you would like more details on EGX click here.
Mattia AKA Mangmod, has also been helping with setting up our stand for EGX, using his artistic talents.
[Image: 3UeUjQS.jpg]
This amazing piece of work a, Norge shipgirl was created by Yoshikawazure.
Mattia placed this fine artwork on a magazine and all the other bits and bobs, and really made it look like something I would pick up off a shelf for sure!
[Image: nyMOmew.jpg]
While on the topic of artsy creativity, Joan has recently joined us and is creating some air vents/air ducts, which I believe can be used for dedicated blade spinner covers.
[Image: RPUUNu1.png]
[Image: 33IBrOc.png]
It’s only been talked about so far, and that is dediblades, may need access to air so no enclosed dediblades in HA box. Rhealistically the idea makes a ton of sense to me but as always leave us your thoughts and suggestions.
Rhea is also working on some large and multishaped wing pieces for us which Mattia is also creating the textures for Big Grin 

[Image: AG5w9wt.png]
This will help the KOTL team tune-up any constructs and adjust to the Neter 2019 physics setting. We also want to ensure that we get the physics feeling right well before launch so that Charlotte and the KOTL team have enough time to tweak up any constructs that may have issues. 

Mike is still creating the story missions which are looking really good, and we have also brought in some dedicated testers Sov, AdNecrias and OwO. I have also been creating test cases and testing, but mainly breaking Wengs absolutely awesome Undo / Redo feature, which we shall see in-game in one of the coming updates (can't give an ETA on that sorry Sad

[Image: JSLwZ0Q.gif]
[Image: mnL2Sdy.gif]
In the future, we shall be seeing some ammo and fuel changes which will tie in nicely with the coming campaign overhaul that Joris and Nick are working on. The following link for ammo and fuel changes goes over the current idea in terms of values, which is subject to change. So please go have a good read and leave us your thoughts, concerns and suggestions! 

We are also talking about some changes to the way Custom Jet Engines work.
[Image: DSnWf7b.jpg]
Whereby if the air intake has access to air it could make running the CJE more efficient, using the attachments may not be mandatory amongst a whole number of other tweaks and changes, which is being talked about here

One of the most important things for a number of us that play From The Depths, apart from the undo/redo feature (which I have wanted since 2015) is the issue with constructs that are unable to fight back and are just soaking up shots, death spiralling flyers and everything else that could make a battle drag on a bit more than it should.

Gladyon is working on adding customisable “scuppering” settings in the construct menu ‘V’. Scuppering is a set of rules which will be added gradually to each construct by Charlotte and the KOTL team, and they will be able to tag equipment and assign a “scuppering point value”. When this piece of equipment is destroyed, the value is added and once the total value exceeds a certain limit the construct will scrap its self, if a piece of equipment is repaired then that value is deducted from the total.

As a very simple example: If a large construct has 3 turrets, each turret has a value of 11 and the KOTL team have set the scuttering total as 30 for the construct (I'm pulling numbers out of my stern and only factoring turrets) and all turrets are destroyed, the value would be 34 and therefore the construct would be scrapped. Values will also be assigned to the structure blocks, engines, AI etc.. Other scuppering rules such as; has the construct fired in the last 5 seconds or done damage in the last 5 seconds or has the construct tagged as a flyer spent more than 5 seconds underwater, will also be playing a part.

We hope that this little news post has been informative and as always we are happy to hear from you good people Big Grin
Check out my Lets play of From The depths >here<
As well as other games Big Grin

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