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Questions about relevant changes


it has been a while since i play FTD and i was wondering if there were any important changes to any system that makes old (lets say 2 year old) setups (APS cannons for example) useless or complety unifficient.
I mean the setup/amount of autoloaders, clips, infeeds an so on.

Of cause there were tewaks and changes over the past years, but i just would like to know anything major that makes my old stuff better be placed in the trash can Smile
Its too much to read every single line of all the patch notes since then, i wouldn't understand the consequences of all changes anyway. Its difficult enough to get back into the game after such a long time. 

That information would be a great help to bring be back into buisness of building some nice stuff Smile

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Questions about relevant changes - by ColeTahn - 2019-10-06, 11:41 AM
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