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(Tournament proposal) RTE Real Time Engagement community brawl (rules not final)

RTE(Real Time Engagement) as i've decided to name it, is a play on RTS(Real time Strategy),
which is kind of what FTD is, the exception being that FTD is pretty much almost exclusively singleplayer(at the moment at least), and any massive real time engangements between players will most likely almost never be a thing.
That doesn't mean we couldn't set one up though, and that's what i'm proposing with this tournament idea.

Each contestant creates a vehicle based on a selection of classes. Entries would recieve a unique number and two teams would then be generated through a random number generator in order to sort out the final teams (or more depending on who decided to host).

Since this is supposed to somewhat mimic an actuall engagement in a multiplayer RTS game, things such as range and weaponry would have limits depending on class. You can design your vehicle around the rules but it would have to comply with having a max range at which it would start firing, as well as having constraints on speed, firing speed, how much ammo you can carry etc(Maybe not but in case of ftd this might be required).

(the following is not complete)

Aps being limited to explosive, frag and ap capped (fuses are allowed) and you are then allowed to exceed the range limit set for each caliber by a set ammount. 
Here's an example:
100mm: 500m max range 
150mm: 575m max range

200mm: 650m max range
and the following getting 150m + per 100+mm of caliber (500=500+150x4 = 1100) (a few skipped decimals shouldn't be that big of a bother)
each added gunpowder charge would yield something like 10m+ range (smaller callibers technically gain more as they can fit more shell segments per meter of autoloader)

from what i remember you get 10 segments per meter at 100mm(customizer would be 1+5 meters long) so 1 head + fuse and then 8 powder charges for 80m extra range with 100m per added meter.

Aps firing speed would depend based on caliber and how many added segments of He or Frag the Shell has. AP capped has no constraints here but instead exchanges shell length for gunpowder and therefore range. 
100mm: 5  sec
150mm 7.5 sec
200mm: 10 sec
300mm: 15 sec
400mm: 20 sec
500mm: 25 seconds
1+ sec for every frag/HE after head. (higher calibers technically loose less seconds but would of course take forever to fire pretty much)

Note that i suck at maths and currently this is very likely heavily imbalanced and biased towards certain calibers. I did not go through the trouble of adding firing speed penalties for autoloader lengths and 5 secs at 100mm might be a bit too excessive. Also did not include crams or other weapons and have yet to write down example rules on movement speed etc, but you get the idea right?.

Instead of going by the ingame firingspeed restrictions we would draw out the game a little bit by having shells flying 5-10 times per minute in volleys etc. Battleships would have to cope with having larger caliber guns and get poked at by smaller ships whilst reloading, and smaller ships would have to hope they survive the pummeling of the battleship cannons in order to close in and take em out. Then we have missile cruisers, anti munitions(with firing speed in line with missile firing speed restrictions ), cram boats, shield boats?, torpedoes?. 

Needless to say, seeing a formation of 15 different ships go against a formation of another 15 different ships would have been awesome. (lets say block limit is between 1k and 2.5k or something). We could probably even have some ships spawn in later if this is possible to set up.

Now this is something i can not host myself, partially because my computer is not up to the task and i also lack experience with recording software/editing, but it would have been awesome if we could work out the rules and then get someone to host it. 

(Excuses for any random caps, my keyboard is a derp).
Never sail out to far on the daft raft.

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