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[SD] Gemini replacement

A replacement to the Gemini, which I believe has aged poorly and is no longer fitting of the Scarlet Dawn aesthetic. This craft has been built with a similar role in mind to the original Gemini, and I would consider it to be more of a modernization than a totally new craft due to the very similar specs. I decided to opt out of the double-pronged nose and have instead added the other part of the Interceptor simple guidelines, and use forward-swept wings.

Old > New
Volume: 1704 > 1710
Block Count: 1203 > 1302
Cost: 47058 > 38674
Speed: 74m/s > 71m/s
Mass: 567 > 545
Dimensions(LxWxH): 35 x 29 x 9 > 37 x 37 x 9

Old Armament: 2x80mm 5-barrel 345rpm sabot autocannons
4x 7m long EMPHE infrared M missiles
4x 5m long HE single-pixel M missiles
2x 3m long M interceptors

New Armament: 2x80mm 3-barrel 403rpm sabot autocannons
2x 6000 energy 1Q laser outputs
2x4 4m long frag single-pixel S missiles
2x 4m long EMP radar M missiles

Defenses: 4x 2-module flares, 3-power chaff when a missile is detected within 1km.

It is offensively powerful but very fragile with no shields of any kind or LAMS. If it is too offensively powerful, the easiest way to nerf it is changing the lasers from 1Q to 0Q, or to reduce the AP.
The screenshots are too large to add so I am forced to use much more compressed images.


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