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Are battles too slow? Post any examples here

What is up, good people of the internet.

We have been seeing a number of comments that battles are taking too long or too slow, which we would like to address and try and find a solution.

What we need from you awesome people are battle compositions that you have experienced, not theorycraft.

We need the blueprint/s you used and the enemy fleet that you were against at the time. 
If however, this is a "game slowing down", a performance issue, please tell us your system specs and what was in play and any of your blueprint/s that were used at the time.
We also need the information provided by pressing F6 during this slowdown and paste that information in a ['code'] ['/code'] without the ' ' .

Let us know if this is on DevTest/Stable, the APS overhaul branch, or a previous version.

We would also like to know what do you consider is too slow/long?
Having said this, it would be super awesome if you can also make a recording with your FPS showing for both cases. This recording can be of low quality to keep size to a minimum for you for uploading.

For this thread, we really do not wish to see theorycraft, we only want to see the blueprint/s you used and fleet setup and the output from F6, as we can only work with this information.

We do apologise for any time taken to reproduce these battles in order to give us this information.

Thanks for your help and support.
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Are battles too slow? Post any examples here - by Jon - Community Manager - 2019-09-19, 03:09 PM

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