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The revival

I'd gladly participate, I haven't been in a club since years. Those were good times..
Anyway, I'm ThunderPanzer, the creator of the Great Provinces of Yerstrov Flatlands, an oversized country set in a fictional world created by me and 2 other people. I'm not the leader, since lore says otherwise! I'm just the creator of it. I, or we as a faction, don't have any particular style of building that we planned for, instead it just kinda came to be after years of building. But a generalized view is that our navy is lacking, the airforce has seen better days, but the ground forces are so far the most advanced. My tanks have had the most development time and I can confidently say I've developed a rather good technique for them. I've got multiple series of tanks each with different roles, however the most advanced is the heavy tank series. I've come to have a decent understanding of how to armor components after all that, also how to compact internals and design tiny but complete internal layouts for hulls, of course making compromises. I've also come to understand that no matter how great a design is, there's always room for improvement. And that there's always going to be some guy with a bigger gun...
But don't ask me to build a ship, I'm mostly clueless with that.. Rolleyes
[Image: 2e148b3926.gif] [Image: wSoy1rk.gif]
This is why you don't make fighter pilots fly bomber aircraft...

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