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Anti-Missile Systems Now... Bad

It appears as though the LAMS and other missile countermeasures are now not nearly effective enough to deal with the unholy missile spam even a modest sized craft can put out.  LAMS just sort of buzzes ineffectively since the recent updates (it cant kill a missile, but it shoots shells down like a BOSS so whatever I'll take it) and I've tried that as a continuous beam and various Q setups... the size of laser it takes to effectively knock down swarms of missiles is just crazy talk now.  Fine.  Ok.  Let's try something else, right?  So I build some upwards launchers... cant detect the missiles early enough to get them off in time if a fighter has rushed up and fired at a short distance.  Ok... fine... no problem... let's build a turret to AIM the missile so it doesn't need to turn and can get there and... nope.

Either the weapon cannot hit the target (missiles) or cannot do enough damage (LAMS) or requires I build flak guns and tune them and even then there's no real reason to believe they'll rotate fast enough to acquire missiles in time which is a problem I had with the missile turrets (so I scraped them down and used 3m fixed base etc).

At this point I feel stupid and cannot seem to play this game correctly.  Ships that could swat 100s of missiles down before now can't seem to stop 20... and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do about missile spam.  We're right back to the best weapon being launching a metric fuckton of missiles as being the best alpha?  Shields don't do spaghetti vs missiles (unless those changes are incoming and supposed to fix this) and all I'm left with is slathering even more armor all over ships that cannot afford the armor.
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