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Missiles including SAM keep sea skimming?

I haven't played the game for a long time and today I fired up the game I found that all of my missiles fried from a surface platform are sea skimming after launch. No matter where they are pointed in turns of elevation, they immediately descend to a few meters above the surface and the status is "sea skimming." That includes SAMs, which made this behavior very annoying when targeting aircrafts from a long range.

That includes all F&F guidance, IR or Radar. Increasing guidance activation delay didn't help. I have even removed all guidance from the missile, with only warheads, fuel tanks, fins and thrusters, and they were still sea skimming.

Is there anything I need to do to turn off the sea skimming (one turn might work, but that's wasting a slot) or is it a bug?

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Missiles including SAM keep sea skimming? - by robertqin - 2019-08-24, 05:11 PM

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