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Small update to stable (20/08/2019)

Hey Big Grin
A small update to stable has been released which gives us tracks, feet and the new subobject and prefab save/load

In order to set up your tracks, you firstly need to lay down your wheels, hit Q on one of them and select configure tracks.
[Image: 0dMktgo.jpg]
Click add a track or all tracks.
[Image: kpaIvDK.jpg]

To create a prefab the shortcut is Ctrl P
[Image: urbzL3A.jpg]
You can save, trash or load the prefab by middle mouse click, which would change the UI as follows and allow you to select one of the options.
[Image: hCavqK9.png]
To copy subobjects we can now hit Ctrl O. You will find all of your previous subobjects in the Migrated folder.
[Image: imF3PWp.jpg]
As you can see from the screenshot, we now have circles around spinners and turrets which will allow us to interact with them.
[Image: Y3ciHcb.jpg]
When you click on the subobject you will be given the option to save.
[Image: n9YOD7m.jpg]
Check out my Lets play of From The depths >here<
As well as other games Big Grin

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