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Poll: What should happen to this old control mode?
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Never used it or don't like it
30 75.00%
I use it but I'm happy for you to remove it
4 10.00%
I use it and I want it to stay (please comment on why)
6 15.00%
Total 40 vote(s) 100%
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Discontinuation of "Orientation follows camera but can be locked"

I'm planning on removing the  "Orientation follows camera but can be locked" option here leaving "Orientation always locked" as the only option. 

The way discontinued option works is that G will lock or unlock the rotation (when unlocked it follows the camera). When unlocked tab will flip the block upside down for the duration of the press rather than bringing up the rotation widget. 

The way the main option works is that a tap of G will rotate to face the same direction as the camera and holding tab brings up the rotator widget. 

I think this extra option is completely unnecessary and causes a lot of extra mess in the code. 

Please use the poll to let me know if you agree with me
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Discontinuation of "Orientation follows camera but can be locked" - by Nick Smart - 2019-08-13, 10:03 AM

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