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A shield idea we've been thinking about

My only major concern is that we must avoid certain design shapes being 'better' that are design shapes that look horrible. We do not want to become the 'metal bawkses' design division. That said, improving shields to larger, more interesting, and less annoying systems is worth a lot of risk. I agree that AC seems by far the 'better' of the options presented, but I would note that making it a percent AC increase was a very good call, that way these new shields synergize with good armor design.

I really do think that reflection would be far less useful of the two, which is sad. As already pointed out, AC improves ricochet chance already, and has so many other benefits. Given the AC option exists, nearly everything else is worse. Thing I would suggest like a 'heat shield' which reduced laser AP, for example. It might be worth minorly considering having each shield be against a certain 'sort' of attack, or range of attacks. A heat shield might provide AC increase against laser and HE damage, whereas reflection shield would provide more AC against frag and kinetic? Having different shields against different damage sources adds a reasonable amount of complexity, of course perhaps that would just be annoying in the end.

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