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A shield idea we've been thinking about

Some members of the team have been discussing a new shielding system and I wanted to put together a visual "mock up" of the idea for them, and have decided to share it with you all as well to see what you think.

The shielding system I am discussing here has a very simple function for the vehicle:
1) It can buff the armour class of the vehicle, augmenting the AC of armour and stacked armour. It's possible that we would limit this AC buff to the "skin" of the vehicle, so if a HE shell got inside it would still do considerable damage to the unshielded insides.
2) it can buff the ricochet chance of the vehicle (acting as a reflection "skin") that augments the ricochet chance of sloped armours, etc.

I envisage that you'd be able to operate the shield anywhere from 100% AC buff to 100% ricochet buff

In order to provide these benefits I have been thinking about some interesting multi block systems and I am quite fond of the following:
1) we consider the shielding strengths to be calculatable in 3 axes: front/back shielding, left/right shielding and top/bottom shielding.
2) We create "shield rings" that are simply tubes that form a complete ring. The area within the ring (which can be any abstract shape you like) is calculated. The length of the ring is not important- only the area- so the system does not encourage you to fill your entire vehicle with kilometers of pointless tube.
3) The frontal shielding is calculated by "frontal ring area" / "frontal vehicle area", and the equivalent calculations would be done for left/right and top/bottom shielding.

The mock up below shows the addition of pretty decent top /bottom shielding to the vanguard. the shielding ring has almost the same area as the "upper" surface of the vanguard and so it would be well shielded.

[Image: n12GhX6.png]

And by adding this rear shield ring (second picture) we get good front / back shielding as well. 

[Image: c1GBLzH.png]

There would not be a limit to the number of rings you could make so having many small rings (in a stack, for example) could provide the same shielding as one big one.

Pipes that are exposed to the air would receive extra bonuses due to "cooling" potential. this would encourage some more "risky" designs where the shield ring is exposed and could be hit, but the shielding is stronger. So the vanguard in the second picture would have great shielding due to the largely exposed rings.

Battery power is used to sustain the shielding and the battery power that is used enters the rings... if the rings are damaged it releases an "ion blast" that flies out of the pipe and can do some damage to other components. I simply like the idea of this.

The game would only allow this type of shielding on vehicles that had no shield projectors, and visa versa. The two shield types would not mix. I know most of you dislike placing shield projectors so hopefully you'll find this system more engaging and the performance of the two shield types will be adjusted such that this is a viable alternative to the shield projectors.

If all goes well we would create a glowing skin effect around the shielded vehicles (with adjustable color) so it looks like a neat electric skin thing akin to a shapely bubble field.

There would also be one central shield configuration component that you'd interact with to configure the shield. I don't see any need for it to actually be part of the shield rings.

I've used PAC tubing to represent the shield rings in these mock ups.

Because the level of shielding is proportional to the areas of the vehicle it is as easy to shield a small vehicle as a large one. Planes would be one thing that it would be quite hard to shield as their wings add a lot of area that is difficult to build in.

Anyway I am interested to know what you think of this...
I think having an alternative shield system that is mutually exclusive to the shield projector system is quite a neat idea as it allows for some more diversity of designs.

There would be plenty of options for making the system a bit more complex by adding components that pump the rings, for example, but at this point I'm interested in getting some feedback on the basics...
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