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[UB] The United Builders

The United Builders

This is the official Forum thread for the United Builders. The United Builders is a large discord community based around From The Depths with various other games also playing major roles within the server. UB organises events within the community such as From The Depths tourneys (For example, realistic dreadnoughts, 25k tanks, Meta ships, etc), and in other games such as small competitions within Automation, the Minecraft server project, or Warthunder squadron battles. We also have an official YouTube channel which we use to host community streams on a semi-regular basis, we are currently running a community campaign run of Neter. The server is run by 2 Mods and the Admin, Hawkins, whose sole goal within the server is simply to keep it running smoothly. 


Freddy The Green Fox

[HES] Sov
HMS Warspite

Thinking Shobe
Graf Zeppelin


Activity-based ranks:
Conscript (New Join)
- You have no access to the server, and must ping a mod or admin to allow you in (To prevent raids and similar such risk-factors)

Initiate (New Member)

Lieutenants (Adept Member) 

Captains (Outstanding Member)

Admirals (Godly Member)

Rules and Guidelines:

1. Respect everyone.

2. Obey Moderators and Admins, if you feel one is treating you unfairly please ask a separate mod for a second opinion.

3. If your gonna post a lot of memes, Avoid gore and excessively sexualized content.

4. If directed by staff to move to a more appropriate channel, do so.

5. Avoid spam. Be it posting the exact same thing into one or more channel or repeatedly pressing a single key and hitting send every half second. 

6. As we are still technically a private discord, it would be appreciated if you ask before sharing links to other servers.

7. The moderator team reserves the right to remove one from this server who is consistently disruptive to its atmosphere.

8. Don’t take and share other peoples creations as if it’s your own.

9. Most people don't like drama, so don't make/bring it here.

10. No excessive PDA, lewding, or overly sexual behavior.

11. No abusing bot commands to produce spam or otherwise disruptive results.

The Warning System:

UB operates on a warning system,
in most cases a person will be given two warnings before being removed from the server. However, if infringement to any of the rules that follow is sizable enough, one may be removed without warning when deemed necessary. Perhaps that seems pretty intimidating but be assured that these means are emplaced for the betterment of this community as a whole.

If a person or aspect of the server is of bother to you, please file a report. To do so, please DM a staff of your preference the issue you feel needs addressing. From there it will be logged by the staff until deemed resolved.

Discord Link

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