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Shield rework concept

I'm not a fan of the current system of shields and the upcoming rework doesn't alleviate my dislike much.
I also read through the other proposed shield rework threads and with some thought and the changes to APS (foremost the RoF nerf) in sight, I think this concept to be viable:

1) Shape
What if you had, like a historical shield, only one and can point it in only one direction?
Imagine it like a section of a bubble shield that follows the enemy targeted on the specified channel.
The maximum coverage would be 180°, but this also very costly in engine power.

This limitation of only one, directed shield would give smaller crafts the advantage they need against behemoths and make fleet tactics like flanking more important.

2) Absorbing hits
Hits from every source (including Missiles, PACs,...) will get absorbed and drained in battery power (not sure by which ratio yet), by which larger diameters of shells/Missiles and bigger hits drain more. (Mind the advent of the APS RoF nerf)
The last hit that drains the batteries completely (or to the specified minimum %) will get negated, but the remaining unabsorbed damage gets unloaded in an explosion where the projectile hit the shield (Flak graphic for nice cinematic effect).
Following that the shield reinstates itself after the batteries are charged to 20% (or more if so specified) over the specified minimum.
Disruptor conduit shells would damage the outermost shieldarray block in the direction of impact. Meaning that the shield shrinks, exposing the outer hull, then the coverage lessens, widening the attack angle before finally the Shield generator gets destroyed.

This mechanic should give small crafts some protection but still be vulnerable against overwhelming firepower.
Also this should open up the possibilities of crafts that tank with a large battery bank or those which rely on a fast regenerating shield with strong engines.
To defeat a behemoth that can fit both a large battery bank and a powerful engine array you either bring your own big bad or multiple ships and circle the enemy to get on his unshielded side.

3) Multiblock construction
Main shield generator: The block where you do all the settings and which generates the shield with the origin from your center of mass.
Shield angle projector: Gives 10° more coverage to the shield with a maximum of 180° at 18 blocks and percentile rising cost in engine power.
Shield extension rod: Each block gives 10m coverage in this direction with a flat increase in engine power per block. Use these to set the distance from your center of mass. Optional far enough away from the hull to avoid the shield-depletion-explosion.
To give redundancy you can set up multiplle shield arrays but only the one with the highest priority will be active until destroyed or turned off.

If you have suggestions or concerns, please let me know.
If there are no major problems and enough people like it I will put it up in the request tracker.
Some may know me as the most boring, consistent person on the planet, others as the most irritating erratic.
If you can't make sense of my sentence structuring, don't worry. Me neither. Language and I are at odds sometimes.

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