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CRAM Updates Feedback and Discussion

(Update: Everything thus far has been compiled into a Google spreadsheet which is viewable here.

(Update as of August 26th: Nick has given me approval to update the CRAM prices in accordance to the spreadsheet. This also includes adjusting their durability. They will be available next release. Keep in mind that CRAM mechanics will NOT be updated with this patch, that is to be decided.)

Welcome everyone! This will be my first thread here from a dev perspective and I've been assigned to look over some information regarding CRAM. Originally this was only to be about lowering their pricing some but more discussion has made me want to branch out to see what more can be done for CRAM. As such, I propose 3 questions for now:

 - What mm CRAM cannons do you most commonly use?
 - How many barrels do you use on your CRAM cannons?
 - What do you consider is the most underused/weakest pellet type?

Also, here's some basic facts for CRAM cannons that I found from my research. They may not be 100% accurate but I did test them with various gauges.

 - CRAM barrels have to be 50 barrels long to get the maximum possible speed for the gauge.
 - The speed from a 200mm CRAM cannon is maxed at 110 m/s, 165 at ~1300mm, and 199 at 2000mm.
 - You can reach halfway through the speed range with 10 barrels (min speed of 2000mm aka 1 barrel is 110 m/s, 165 m/s at 10 barrels.)
 - Frag CRAM will create an 80 degree cone for frags, produce a maximum of 60 frags, and those frags have an AP of 6 like all other frags.

Right now we're just wanting to compile information for how we can conduct changes. For now here is some of the thought process:

 - Increase the base size for CRAM since most small CRAMs are not viable and require too many gauge increasers to reach an acceptable level of firepower.
 - Decrease the cost of CRAM parts across the board. Alternatively, and if even possible, look to instead increase the potency of CRAM parts to require the cannons to be less parts and still obtain a similar firepower. CRAM already gets hit by some harder limits due to how the packing works so oversized CRAMs don't really get much stronger.
 - Give smaller CRAM shells a slight speed boost while not affecting larger CRAM shells. Right now speed increases with size and it doesn't make too much sense for that.
 - (Personal goal) Require less barrels to reach optimal speed. It wouldn't be by too much, maybe only reduce the max by 10, but again we're just compiling data for now.
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