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[GT] Yggdrasil replacement

I wish I could make things look that good.

Awesome design btw.
"Cram Shannons!"- Lathrix, 2018

"We can't miss if we hit everything"- Robbaz, 2016

"Anything can fly if you strap enough propellers to it"- My logic when I build airships.

"Don't push the dark star, that's just rude" Me testing my unfinished battlecruiser against the dark star

"Alright Enough quotes"- Me, when I wrote this


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[GT] Yggdrasil replacement - by Vorpalim - 2019-07-26, 04:08 AM
RE: [GT] Yggdrasil replacement - by Walrusthemoonbear - 2019-08-11, 06:47 PM

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