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Hello Ftd’ers
This patch contains: the long awaited laser rebalancing; a fantastic multi-threading of the boot sequence that brings the load time of the game down from about 40 seconds to about 10 seconds; lots of UI refinements; a bunch of improvements to the gameplay in campaign; and a lot of fixes. We’ve finally narrowed down the cause of the black texture on the reinforced wood and fixed it. We think we’ve identified the cause of the out of control missiles and have put in a fix for that as well. We’re still looking into the cause of teleporting vehicles but have found and fixed a number of potential issues there.

v2.4.7 [Add] <ACB>: A configurable ACB controller block has been added, it can control up to 12 ACBs using in-game buttons activated by pressing 'Q' when pointing at them
v2.4.7 [Add] <ACB>: It is now possible to set a mainframe AI behaviour using an ACB
v2.4.7 [Add] <Avatar>: Option to make the avatar immortal in singleplayer designer. Option is in the 'Misc' part of the menu
v2.4.7 [Add] <Breadboard>: Multiple expressions separated by commas in the maths evaluator can be used to set different outputs of the component to different values
v2.4.7 [Add] <Missiles>: Missile proximity fuse component now has a 'minimum altitude slider'
v2.4.7 [Add] <Missiles>: Missiles with a harpoon that are attached to a winch can now pull and be pulled by the vehicle they are attached to. Enabled in the winch UI
v2.4.7 [Add] <Tutorials>: Ability to set tutorial vehicles so that their blocks cannot be accidentally removed by the player. Now used in the first tutorial.
v2.4.7 [Add] <Tutorials>: Added ability to highlight all sorts of buttons in the tutorials. Used in first tutorial.
v2.4.7 [Add] <UI>: Buttons (resource view, detection view, objectives, diplomacy) are displayed as required on the Fleet Control, strategic map view and tactical map view.
v2.4.7 [Add] <VideoBlock>: [EXPERIMENTAL] Camera feed is now available
v2.4.7 [Add] <VideoBlock>: A pre-configured video controller block has been added, it can fully control a VideoBlock using in-game buttons activated by pressing 'Q' when pointing at them
v2.4.7 [Add] <VideoBlock>: Local videos can now be played
v2.4.7 [Add] <VideoBlock>: Several channels are now available
v2.4.7 [Change] <AI>: Choosing the types of AI PIDs you want to use is now done with toggles in the AI menu instead of setting them in the AI PIDs themselves.
v2.4.7 [Change] <APS>: EMP and Flak warhead bodies now have the same kinetic, AP and speed modifiers as HE and Frag warhead bodies
v2.4.7 [Change] <APS>: HE, Frag, EMP and Flak heads now have 2 AP instead of 0.1
v2.4.7 [Change] <Avatar>: Aiming cross hair no longer shows up if no weapon slot selected or weapon control disabled
v2.4.7 [Change] <Breadboard>: The breadboard now uses a new maths evaluator that can use data types other than normal numbers. All available functions can be viewed in the breadboard
v2.4.7 [Change] <Campaign>: The supply route UI has been massively improved with a lot of new functionality for easily creating routes.
v2.4.7 [Change] <HoloBlock>: The 'Set to image ratio' button has been replaced by a toggle to lock the ratio of the projection to the ratio of the image
v2.4.7 [Change] <LAMS/projectiles>: APS flak damage increased by 25%
v2.4.7 [Change] <LAMS/projectiles>: CRAM health increased, from 3770 to 8000 at 2000mm (same scaling as before)
v2.4.7 [Change] <LAMS/projectiles>: Missile body component health doubled
v2.4.7 [Change] <LAMS/projectiles>: Missile interceptor damage increased by 25%
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser costs>: Focusing and steering optic cost up from 20 to 50
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser costs>: Frequency doubler cost up from 50 to 200
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser costs>: Laser cavity costs down from 40 to 20 materials/cubic meter
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser costs>: Laser pump costs up from 20 to 30 materials/cubic meter
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser energy>: 1 laser energy is 1 damage for pulsed, 0.5 for continuous
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser energy>: 1m/3m laser pump power use decreased from 100/300 to 40/120
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser energy>: 1m/3m pump energy/second decreased from 100/300 to 20/60
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser energy>: Cavity energy storage down from 200/800/8000 to 100/400/4000
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser energy>: LAMS node damage penalty removed
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser optics>: All lasers have a fixed inaccuracy of 0.05°
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser optics>: Focusing optics reduce damage loss over long distances. Damage loss for every 10m in air: 3% / (2 + FOCUS_COUNT). In water 20x that.
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser optics>: Max size of optic meshes reduced to 60%, now the entire line is the same size(steering optics now do not form cones)
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser optics>: Maximum firing angle is smaller for linger optic lines
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser optics>: Steering optics increase maximum firing angle, up to a point where 25% of your optic line is steering.
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser shields>: Continuous lasers still do half the raw damage of pulsed, but they have double the AP
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser shields>: Laser shields do not directly absorb damage, they reduce laser AP instead. REDUCED_AP = 1 / (2 * SHIELD_STRENGTH), only the strongest shield counts
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser shields>: Laser shields now do not use energy, only power
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser smoke>: A 500mm APS smoke warhead has ~45% density, 200mm 7.5%. Smoke warheads in the same shell use HE's stacking and scaling rules
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser smoke>: Laser detection and missiles guidance are blocked if they hit enough smokes to reach 25% final reduction
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser smoke>: Smoke clouds now have a density between 0 and 100%. Lasers hitting them lose that percentage of their damage. Smoke layers are still multiplicative
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser smoke>: Smoke dispensers have 65% density/layer
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser wavefront>: Effective smoke density is reduced to 75% against wavefront lasers(so 30% instead of 40, for example)
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser wavefront>: Wavefront adjuster slider removed, now it reduces base damage to 50%
v2.4.7 [Change] <Laser wavefront>: Wavefront lasers retain 4x the AP after hitting shields compared to a normal one(100% AP against strength 1, 20% AP against strength 10)
v2.4.7 [Change] <Memory>: The garbage generated in memory has been divided by approximately 2 while in battle (so, the game should stutter 2 times less often)
v2.4.7 [Change] <Technical>: Starting up the game is now largely multi-threaded and should take up to 20s less
v2.4.7 [Change] <UI>: Added gifs to behaviour, manoeuvre and additional tabs of AI UI to explain what they do
v2.4.7 [Change] <UI>: Changed the behaviour, manoeuvre and additional tabs of the AI UI to be less cluttered
v2.4.7 [Change] <UI>: Many new UI icons
v2.4.7 [Change] <UI>: Removed the UI of the AI PID block. Selecting what kind of PIDs you want is now done in the AI UI, which is also opened when interacting with an AI PID
v2.4.7 [Change] <UI>: Some new icons for the 'brushes' in the map editor
v2.4.7 [Change] <UI>: The 'favourites' build bar now has some slightly different graphics, and is easier to use
v2.4.7 [Change] <UI>: The give to/take from fleets UI has been updated
v2.4.7 [Change] <UI>: The 'Tree View' for loading blueprints has been changed to make it display at any size
v2.4.7 [Fix] <ACB>: The 'Target' panel is now updated correctly when using the 'Paste' button of the UI instead of using 'Ctrl+V' [BUGS-996]
v2.4.7 [Fix] <APS>: [BUGS-1043] Adv Ammo controller once again shows its ID in the tooltip
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Avatar>: Fixed the jump animation of rambot not stopping after leaving a chair
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Blocks>: Reinforced wood and stairs no longer render black
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Blocks>: Wooden wedges 1m, 2m, 3m and 4m now have the correct UV map for their texture.
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Campaign>: Battle is cancelled if all forces are scrapped during setup phase
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Campaign>: Enemy force boxes that are invisible on the map are now also invisible in HUD and fleet control UI
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Campaign>: Fixed withdrawn forces in a battle still showing up as force boxes
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Campaign>: Magic wand in battle setup now has a tooltip explaining it
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Campaign>: Time now returns to 100% when fleet blockade messages are accepted
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Jets>: Custom jet engines now display the correct max fuel usage
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Missiles>: Fixed bug that prevented missiles from turning the direction they wanted to turn [BUGS-1024]
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Missiles>: Re-added the 'Apply to all' button to the new missile winch UI [BUGS-1035]
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Modding>: [BUGS-937] meshes provided by mods with no normals will now have normals recalculated. This avoids issues where the block is rendered black.
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Modding>: Fixed the bug where changing the mesh, material etc in a copied mod item also changes it in the pasted mod item [BUGS-1077]
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: Fixed a number of projectile related bugs in multiplayer
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: Got 'attack on eyrie' mission and 'tower defence' missions loading again
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Planet editing>: Planets can now safely change the terrain resolution or terrain section size and planet swapping will work fine.
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS - 1005] Issue with map pathfinding fixed- it could hang the campaign
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS-1004] Fixed a crash caused by warp engines warping from a background thread
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS-1007] Fixed the rotations of the railgun magnets- which all pointed downwards due to a bug in the last patch.
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS-1027] Multithreading issues to Helicopter Blade and Helicopter Blade Always Up components now fixed. Large numbers of these components spawned at once would create odd physics before the fix.
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS-955] All projectiles now advance one iteration immediately after firing to avoid destruction of own barrel (issue caused by multi-threading)
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS-962] flickering of the vehicle when spawning with 'block-by-block' toggled has been fixed
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS-965] Turn wheel adv controller options incorrectly configured and caused crash in ConstructInfoUi (V)
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS-966] fixed an issue in map pathfinding that causes campaigns to hang
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS-969] Low LOD mode issues with missile ejection fixed
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS-981] Missile laser once again properly excludes 'hits' off it's own vehicle
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Regressions>: Fixed bugs causing connected blocks to fall off and disconnected blocks to not fall off [BUGS-1078]
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Tutorial>: Hold Q options disabled in tutorials
v2.4.7 [Fix] <Tutorial>: Tutorial display now remains visible while using certain other UIs
v2.4.7 [Fix] <UI>: Fixed terrain view distance being too low in fleet control UI
v2.4.7 [Fix] <UI>: Fleet and force rename popups now respond to escape and enter keys
v2.4.7 [Fix] <UI>: The 'favourites' build bar no longer spawns your vehicles directly under the crosshair if there is already a vehicle there- this avoids 'telefragging'.
v2.4.7 [Fix] <UI>: The headers of the UI panels now perfectly respond to mouse over events
v2.4.7 [Fix] <UI>: The 'info' panel on the right hand side (that displays warnings, etc) is now correctly positioned for most use cases in HUD, Fleet Control UI and Map UI.
v2.4.7 [Fix] <UI>: The 'map teleport' button now correctly cancels if you right click or re-click the button.
v2.4.7 [Fix] <VideoBlock>: Now works in multiplayer
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